Friday, January 02, 2009

here it is

(btw wear sunglasses before you click on it. the new site has a FLUORO colour scheme)
ahahha just kidding. everything's exactly the same except for the blog name. and i haven't found a picture yet to put at the top so it's a bit plain. better bring sprinkles.

i feel like changing blogs since this one's getting full.
but i bet the new one will stilll look this one anyways. so no one will realise really.
i'll change it when i think of a new url and site name.

(and first post shall show my new desk and laptop! and a yum chocolate)

Thursday, January 01, 2009


hehe i'm typing this on my new laptop!

Monday, December 29, 2008

for the love of lists

(posting since the net has suddenly become fast again)

gave my resume to vets nearby - i thought they would be empty during the day since people worked but no.
found the origami club website thanks to frankie!! ohhhhh creative wonders that's good for filling time - i'll post photos of the ones i made later
ate mi goreng

watched eli stone and kite runner
wrapped lemper on the (i guess clean) floor

made brandy snaps for the christmas lunch the next day which was soooooooo complicated T____T i thought it was done when it "bubbled all over" but i mistook golden for 'golden brown' ie undercooked so it wouldn't harden and remained the consistency of slightly tough and sticky golden syrup T____T
baked it for a second time but then softened again after a few hours. realised later thanks to cc monic that you have to make these stuffs right before serving or they'll absorb air and fail.... *tear*

THURSDAY - christmas day
lunch with family! whilst the pets got ignored and chinta was protected from a kid's destructive hands by a closed gate.
and for les cadeaux....i got a laptop!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeee my new table will look modern!!!!!! and other as appreciated gifts: a new yorker cartoon 2009 calendar, *super kawaii!* (say in the harajuku perfume ad style) sandal pin things in the shape of a cat head and ladybug, sandals, borders gift card (yippppeeeee!), pet magazine and pyjama shorts.
and as always. played cards lots.
and saw santa take off his beard omg disturbing. for a kid's heart.

FRIDAY - boxing day (the real significance still unknown to me)
city in the morning for "shopping". if you call socks and jasmine-milk bath powders shopping.
ate heaps - baked potatoes (chilli con carne flavour for breakfast hehe), pretzels that are 99% fat free (topped with icing sugar and chocolate), max brenners strawberry (milk chocolate) frappe with ice cream, kfc as popcorn.
watched benjamin button which was REALLY good and like the review, did not feel long though the movie was two hours plus. which i guess isn't that long... but the person next to me's breath stanked and he whispered A LOT to his girlfriend.

continued my "shopping" - undies (very comfy actually), grey shirt
the last copy of perks of being a wallflower was bought T____T so i have to special order it.... it was so expensive man thirty something dollars for a regular/thin-ish book and also realised when i sat to read that the cat fell off my sandal and was lost T_____________________T!!!!!!!!!!

cleaned hutches with a really depleted newspaper supply which i'm replenishing today.
went to the neighbour's party (late christmas? early new year's?) and ate

ate at Pasteur in chinatown
visited the NEW T's Bookshop and drank iced coffee sitting on their nice large reading-room style leather chairs with a back and arm rest. but somehow it seems they have less books than the old crowded store..
got the book thief by Markus Zusak from Dymocks since it was 20% off :D
watched WALL-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i understand now why picked it as the best movie of the year!!!! it was soooooooooooooo cute and sooooooo touching and sadddd and etc and they didn't show the humans living in space as mean and responsible for the earth like i thought! but more brainwashed and unaware. yea. wall-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
finished downloading beauty pop!!!! ahhhh.. now i can move it to my complete list on

ok. that's it. why are you still reading this and good on you if you have read until this last word. no this last word. this! this! this! ....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

rio returns

rio's favourite pastimes:

watching tv (as you know)

playing the piano


sitting on the cat

and modelling size comparisons

biscotti inside + chinta

main activities: eating, finding comfy spots to sleep on

even on a bit of blanket that's fallen

hahhahaha i stuck a borders price tag on her head and she had no reaction

kawaii hana ne

wow a perfect crest

Friday, December 19, 2008

vaf vaf!

ah! bonjour monsieur marcel.
he is the french bulldog from ici et là the antique-ish furniture store in surry hills

kept on licking his paws. and then lied down in the middle of the entrance blocking some customers' path

he's famous